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Question: Why lease?


Answer: When the yearly budget just can’t be stretched far enough to provide a product you need, now, for convenience or safety, leasing is the answer.


Leasing companies today usually have a minimum amount of money they will lease and that minimum amount is, on average, $ 10K and their leasing periods are usually 24, 36 or 48 months in length. They also have an up front fee to set up the lease, check financials, etc……





The following is a leasing example using twenty (20) HYTERA PNC360S radios @ at a cost of $ 547.00 each for a total of $ 10,940 for a twenty four (24) month, dollar-buy-out, lease.


The monthly cost for the $ 10,940 lease is 545.24 .00 per month.


The lease cost per month, per radio, breaks down to $ 27.26 per month which includes nationwide connectivity.


After twenty four months you pay $ 1.00 and you own all the radios.



For commercial customers the IRS rule #179 has significant financial advantages on taxes. Have your tax advisor check on this. It can be beneficial.



NOTE: The lease #’s in this example are 100% accurate as of the date on this page. When you lease you will have a quote with pricing firm for thirty days.



Thank You


Stan Jablonski

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