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S.J. Jablonski and Associates has developed a relationship with Clune & Company LC to provide leasing on orders containing at least $2,000 worth of 2-way business radios. Clune has been in business for over 50 years and is providing S.J. Jablonski and Associates' customers very attractive rates.


To be able to take advantage of this opportunity please use the form on the Contact Us page and request leasing information prior to placing your order. We will provide you with both application forms and instructions on how to place your order.


Special Offer to School Administrators


Dear School Administrator:


We call on schools every day. Here is what we know for sure:


  1. Safety and Security is not going away.
  2. Money is going away.
  3. S.J. Jablonski & Assoicates can fix that for you.


Every school has a box of "bad radios" & earpieces somewhere in the corner. We can eliminate that and always make sure that your school district has the best radios on the "Pay As You Go" plan.


As mentioned above, we are associated with Clune Leasing in Kansas City. However, here is a REAL example of what other schools are doing:



Your school district acquires thirty (30) Hytera model 320 radios from S.J. Jablonski & Associates @ $ 124.95 each with normal accessories and a one year warranty.


On a 38 month lease with Clune Leasing, the price per month per radio would only be $ 3.99. So, thirty radios @ $ 3.99 per month would be $ 119.70 per month. (The answer of $ 3.99 was gotten by multiplying the price of $ 124.95 X the rate factor of .03192 = $ 3.99 per radio)


The 38 month lease is a true dream come true and you may be able to acquire more radios than you thought possible. More radios = more safety = more security.


At the end of the lease you can purchase the radios for $ 1.00. That's correct, for $ 1.00 you will then own all the radios on the lease.



Fiscal year # 1: ...... Use all 30 radios .... Pay for first 10
Fiscal year # 2: ...... Use all 30 radios .... Pay for next 10
Fiscal year # 3: ...... Use all 30 radios .... Pay for last 10
38th Month ............ Give Clune $ 1.00



If, at the end of ANY fiscal year, a school is closed or money is not available to continue the radio program, notify Clune Leasing and S.J. Jablonski & Associates will pick up the radios.


There are no termination fees, cancellation fees or charges of any kind that the school will be responsible to pay.


Stan Jablonski

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